ITS Program

Instructor Training School (ITS)

Are you passionate about high-performance driving and eager to share your skills with others? Our Instructor Training School (ITS) program at Trillium BMW Club offers an exciting opportunity for experienced drivers to become certified instructors and play a vital role in shaping the future of our Advanced Driving School Program.

Here's a glimpse into what our ITS program entails:

Step 1: Identification of Potential Candidates: We seek out individuals who have demonstrated loyalty to Trillium, advanced communication skills, and exceptional driving abilities, typically in the advanced A or solo run groups. Recommendations from senior instructors further validate their potential.

Step 2: Candidate Confirmation: Once identified, we reach out to potential candidates to gauge their availability and interest in participating in the program.

Step 3: Interview Process: Candidates undergo a thorough interview process to assess their suitability and commitment to Trillium. This includes a verbal commitment to actively participate in a minimum of three events per year for the next three years. Interviews can be conducted in person or via virtual platforms like Zoom.

Step 4: Comprehensive Training: Our ITS program follows the BMW CCA Instructor Training School Curriculum, providing candidates with in-depth instruction both on and off the track. Mentoring sessions take place during our HPDE weekends, allowing candidates to learn from experienced mentors through various role-play scenarios. Written performance summaries ensure candidates receive constructive feedback and guidance throughout their training. Graduates of our program gain valuable experience with a minimum of 24 on-track sessions, preparing them to become effective and confident instructors.

To take your passion for driving to the next level and make a meaningful impact within our community, we encourage you to consider becoming an instructor with Trillium BMW Club.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Contact us today to learn more about our ITS program and how you can get involved!